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About Us

As a company, we believe that every organization has untapped potential in their data, and we are committed to unlocking it through innovative and customized solutions. Our team has a deep understanding of data analysis techniques, data management, and technology platforms, and we leverage this expertise to deliver actionable insights and measurable results.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs and goals, and we design and implement data-driven strategies that drive growth and improve overall performance. At Blue Dragon Services, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their full potential by turning their data into a competitive advantage.

Data Strategy

We engage with organizations at different points of their data analytics journey to understand their business objectives, current challenges, existing infrastructure and provide actionable recommendations in the following aspects:

Architecture Definition

Identifying components, assessing existing landscape, designing the architecture and documenting it for stakeholders to ensure alignment and support.

Technology Selection

Evaluating and selecting the appropriate technologies to support the data architecture, including assessing existing systems, identifying gaps and defining technical requirements.

Roadmap Creation

Developing a plan for implementing the data strategy over time, including defining priorities, sequencing activities, identifying resource requirements, establishing timelines, and aligning with business objectives.

Process Definition

Defining and documenting data management processes to ensure consistency and alignment with business objectives. It includes identifying inputs, activities, roles, outputs, and metrics.

Data Analytics Modernization

We partner with firms in multiple industries and sizes to build their data analytics platform taking advantage of the flexibility offered by the cloud paradigm. In these efforts, we typically cover:

Cloud Environment

Configure the cloud environment and deploy necessary services

Data Zones

Establish data landing zones and refinement areas

Data Model

Create a performant and expandable Data Model

Data Pipelines

Develop the required Data Pipelines

Machine Learning

Identify and train machine learning models

Data Visualization

Build the necessary Data Visualizations

Managed Services

In cases where a data analytics platform is already in place and operating we offer a series of services intended to maximize the potential of the platform while our clients focus on their core competencies. These services include:

Why choose us?

Results Oriented

Our Use Case based approach is crafted to maximize speed-to-value. As opposed to big-bang alternatives, we organize our efforts to deliver concrete and well defined business outcomes while capturing validated-learning for next phases.

Proven Methodology

Our vast experience in the field has allowed us to develop a methodology which combines best practices from conventional project management and the nimbleness of modern agile methodologies.

Adaptable and Pragmatic

As with individuals, every organization is different; they develop their own culture. We take pride in being able to partner and adapt to the intricacies of each firm while still performing our trusted advisor role and fulfilling the engagement objectives.

Technology Providers

We work with the leading vendors in the areas of cloud computing, data replication and processing as well as metadata management to ensure your success.